Printuvia marketing services

This document explains our work on web development, advertising and organic growing online. Also, some of the processes to increase the number of clients using SEO and marketing tools.  Prices and costs for advertising are average, and some campaigns may require an increase of cost depending on the situation.


Consultation, website audit and recommendations.

There is no cost for consultation, demo or audit in our services for businesses and data research online. 

Our starting recommendations.

Find a name for the website, and in some cases,  the proposal website name will be taken,  if you can come up with at least five names in case one is taken.

Facebook, youtube and website panel access will be required or transferred to a business account to start some campaigns. Please let us know if this is possible.

To start a local business campaign, the actual business address and the city must match the physical address and the city where the company focuses on doing business. It is not recommended to try to advertise in two or more cities simultaneously.

An actual, local address is necessary to be listed and advertised on google my business.

Other recommendations

Video advertising is a highly recommended type of advertising.

Paper stock advertising, this kind of advertising, can add good input and reviews from clientele. We can add this to the package.

If you are interested in these other recommendations, we can send you some samples and prices. Please let us know. 

Web page Initial setup


-Creating ads strategy and campaign

-Linking the necessary accounts to work simultaneously with the campaign

-Finding the proper channels to advertise online

-Analysis of the campaign

-Creation of content suitable for the type of business

-Keyboard researcher and application


These are some extra applications  that we can add at no cost (if applicable)



-Generic videos

-Bock-ups or banners

-Contact bots

-cybersecurity installed on the website(only for WordPress websites)

-website monitoring and updates(only for WordPress websites)

Printuvia Marketing monthly service payments

After the website is made and the marketing strategy is set up, our service charge will be $300, including the maintenance, analysis and content creation for every month. (Analysis, advertising and SEO.)

This price is based on our hourly rate based on 10  hours of works on average.


Budget and cost per campaign (advertising cost )


Advertising prices online have increased almost 40% in past years. Also, many clients found heavy competition on searches online. We recommend having a plan and setting up a minimum of the money spent in advertising for at least six months; this budget can be divided on different platforms. Adjustments will be made weekly or monthly to the chosen channels to maximize the campaign’s presence and budget.

We encourage our clients to Have a realistic budget, we know that adverting can be seen as a shot in the dark for some clients, but we try to guide and recommend realistic budgets based on data; this can be collected before starting any campaign

After that period, we may discuss the effectiveness and agree on a new budget to keep the online presence and compete with other businesses in the area.


To start, we require a deposit to start any new project.

The rest of the first payment will be in the invoice weeks after the website is finished and started the campaign work.


Monthly bill and invoice


After the initial payment and the first budgeted payment, we will send an invoice with the service charge and money spent during the previous month’s campaign, depending on the spending budget’s approval.

Please notice that the advertising budget can vary due to how advertising services work as betting ads. Still, we always try not to pass according to budget for every month.

Please note if payment is not received after the five days of receiving the invoice. The campaign will be interrupted until payment is received.


If you have any questions, please let us know in our email or call us at 778-802-4538

also, check our terms and conditions and privacy policy for comprehensive information about our service.

There is no contract; you can stop the campaign or service at any time, and the campaign will stop on the last day of the particular month previously paid.

Custom branded print promotion products

We can print custom branded products for a local business like shirts (t-shirts, polo jackets ), hats, rain and market umbrellas, car sticker logos and office door or windows logos.

We have many different styles and a wide variety of colours to choose from.

orders start at 3  Minimum order for custom printing, but prices vary, please contact us to start a free consultation and quote also  Turn around is 7 to 14 business days

our printings methods are

Heat transfer printing:  This method is for multi-colour logos or logos with gradients.  Your logo is digitally printed onto a vinyl substrate, cut out, and heat pressed onto the panel.

Screen printing:  Screen printing is for solid colours only (no gradients), up to 4 colours maximum. This is the most economical print method and is the most common.

Our design team:   Please contact at or call text at 604 6443694


Sending Art Files (Mac)

Adobe Illustrator, any version, convert text outlines, save files as illustrator files or EPS.

Sending Art Files (PC)

Adobe Illustrator, convert text to outlines, save as Adobe Illustrator file or EPS.
Or they are Exported as Adobe Illustrator *.ai or *.eps files.

Dropshipping for your own designs

If you need to sell t-shirts from your own original designs and don’t want to invest time and money in printing and shipping, we can help!

We can supply to any reseller the facility to drop ship from our warehouse any original design at the same cost as drop shipping; only contact us and send us your original logo or design. We will print and ship any t-shirt as your order, no minimum required, so please feel free to contact us.